Saturday, 14 April 2012

Four Walls - The First Floor EP (LP001)

This stunning four track EP comes from new comers to the deep house scene, Four Walls released on the label "Lake Placid", also relatively new to the genre. These new comers to the scene, based out of Belarus, have beautifully crafted this luscious down tempo release which, in my opinion, is perfect for an opening mood.

The First Floor EP is the follow up to their recent "No Use" release which featured remixes by the likes of OOFT and Craig Bratley. 

A1 - "Limy" is a smooth, down tempo tune with a disco vibe to it. With soft, cut up vocals that compliment this synth ridden gem, definitely a good choice for opening.

A2 - "Spring" has that classic deep house vibe to it. It is a deep, synth heavy release that slowly leads into a more spacey feel as it plays.

B1 - "Arr" with it's deep bassline and delightful synth stabs, this track holds a constant groove throughout. A very groovey little number indeed.

B2 - "DT" is driven by it's highs with a steady kick. You will struggle to get the keys used in this tune out of your head. The subtle use of vocals in this track compliment the production well, "Deep" and "Detroit" being used on occasion in a rather deep tone.

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