Sunday, 15 April 2012

Kim Brown - The Spring Theory EP (JAB 06)

Recently released on German Label “Just Another Beat” comes this euphorically sound EP by unheard of artist “Kim Brown”.  Little is known about this new artist, although I can tell you that this release should not be slept on.

A – “Camera Moves” opens up the release with a subtle drum pattern and lush, symphonic pads setting a relaxing and hypnotic vibe. Building on these lush loops and patterns the production peaks and drops at perfect moments to really feel as though it takes you on a deep journey.

B – “This Will Like Never Be The Same” is the deeper of the two tracks. Taking a similar approach with the lush and symphonic pads, this tune seems suited to the late night.

I’m looking forward to seeing what Kim Brown comes up with as a follow-up to this release and if there is any further information that surfaces regarding this surprisingly talented new artist.

Feel free to let us know your thoughts and as per usual, follow the links below to find out more and purchase this fine record.


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