Thursday, 31 January 2013

Birke TM - Oro Jackson EP (FEEL004)

Here is a release that's been in the pipelines for some time now, the release date pushed back to perfect the sound. I say good choice because this EP has ticked all the right boxes. From what I've been told this German based producer goes by the name of Birke TM, a play on his real name and a bit of an in-joke amongst his mates. These mates include some heavy hitters from the likes of Baaz, Knarf Skipson and Iron Curtis (featured on this EP).

So take a listen to this wavey, deep house number released on Feel Harmonic Records (who have been putting out some quality releases and definitely a label to keep an eye on). Grab yourself a copy of the vinyl release over at Juno Records and get some real Deep House into your system.

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